Insurance Industry Tips


A new year! A new resolution?

Written by: Kristin Nilsson, | 28th December 2018 | Comment(s)

Do you make a New Years resolution each year just to break it in the first week of January? More than half of new year's resolutions fail, and about one third don't even make it to the end of Januar [...]

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Winter is Coming!

Written by: Paiton Twitty, | 07th December 2018 | Comment(s)

Though a very lucky few don’t have to worry about it, for the majority it means lots of snow and ice is vastly approaching. But don’t let the cold weather gets the best of you this season! Her [...]

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CRS Temporary Housing announces merger with Klein & Co.

Written by: Kristin Nilsson, | 03rd December 2018 | Comment(s)

November 30, 2018 In partnership with GenNx360 Capital Partners, CRS Temporary Housing ("CRS") has merged with Klein & Company (“Klein & Co.”) based in Golden, Colorado. “This is a [...]

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So many choices at Thanksgiving, what’s your favorite ______________ ?

Written by: Kristin Nilsson, | 05th November 2018 | Comment(s)

This November we’re showcasing our dedicated employees in a 3-part video series about Thanksgiving. These video volunteers were asked a few questions on camera, without knowing the questions prior t [...]

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Written by: Paiton Twitty, | 18th October 2018 | Comment(s)

Leaves are falling, temperatures are dropping, and pumpkin-flavored everything is popping up everywhere – Ladies and Gentlemen, Fall is finally here. Along with this long-awaited beginning of the co [...]

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As hurricane Florence approaches, follow these tips to keep your family safe

Written by: Kristin Nilsson, | 11th September 2018 | Comment(s)

Hurricane Florence is expected to make landfall on the East Coast by Friday morning. While you prepare to evacuate or shelter in place, here are some helpful safety tips from your temporary housing so [...]

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Is The 16 Personalities Test the new Scientific Zodiac?

Written by: Paiton Twitty, | 29th August 2018 | Comment(s)

What's your sign?   Do you believe in horoscopes? That the time and date of when you were born immediately files you into a specific personality category in our society?   Y [...]

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Preparing for “Back to School” the Right Way: Parent Edition

Written by: Paiton Twitty, | 09th August 2018 | Comment(s)

It’s the most wonderful time of the year!   School starts back up this month and it’s time to trade in the all-day footie pajamas for freshly ironed polos and khakis. Parents across t [...]

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It’s hurricane and wildfire season, is damage to my home covered?

Written by: Kristin Nilsson, | 30th July 2018 | Comment(s)

Running over the entire summer from June 1st to November 30th, hurricane season brings serious damage risks from high winds, rain, and flooding in storm-prone regions. Is your biggest asset well prote [...]

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Get outside this July and make the most of Parks & Recreation Month

Written by: Kristin Nilsson, | 11th July 2018 | Comment(s)

Since 1985, Americans have celebrated National Parks and Recreation Month. This July, find out everything your local parks have to offer by visiting playgrounds, recreation centers and local parks to [...]

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